Selected publications – please send me an e-mail for PDFs.


  • Frey, U.: Success in the commons: actors, institutions and sustainability.
    Oxford University Press (will be published 01/2020)


  • Barnett, A., Partelow, S., Frey, U. et al.: Success at what, and for whom? A review of framing and defining successful CPR and SES governance in meta-analysis and systematic reviews
    International Journal of the Commons (under review)
  • Sietz, D., Frey, U., Roggero, M., Gong, Y., Magliocca, N., Tan, R., Janssen, P., Václavík, T.: Archetype analysis in sustainability research: methodological portfolio and analytical frontiers
    Ecology and Society (in press)
  • Klein, M. Reeg, M., Frey, U.: Models Within Models – Agent-Based Modelling and Simulation in Energy Systems Analysis.
    Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation (in press)
  • Frey, U.: Long-term evidence on cooperation and cultural differences in public goods dilemmas.
    Biology Letters 15: 20190143
  • Frey, U., Klein, M., Deissenroth, M.: Modelling complex investment decisions in Germany for Renewables with different machine learning algorithms.
    Environmental Modelling and Software 118: 61-75DOI: 
  • Frey, U., Pirscher, F.: Distinguishing Protest Responses in Contingent Valuation: a Conceptualization of Motivations and Attitudes behind them
    PlosOne 14(1): e0209872.
    DOI: https://dx. 


  • Frey, U.: Nachhaltige Bewirtschaftung natürlicher Ressourcen – Erfolgsfaktoren in komplexen sozial-ökologischen Systemen.
    Springer: Heidelberg. ISBN: 978-3-662-55445-6.
  • Frey, U.: Crowdfunding – revealing preferences for environmental goods. Management of Environmental Quality 16(2): 1
  • Frey, U., Pirscher, F.: Willingness to pay and moral stance: the case of farm animal welfare in Germany.
    PloS ONE 13(8): e0202193.








  • Frey, U./Voland, E.: The evolutionary route to self-deception: Why offensive versus defensive strategy might be a false alternative. A commentary to “The evolution and psychology of self-deception” from W. von Hippel & R. Trivers.
    Behavioral and Brain Sciences 34(1):21-22.

In addition: various books, book chapters and non-peer-reviewed articles